RIDGE High School Academy

Continue working towards graduation while training as a Mountain Athlete.

The RIDGE High School Academy is a mountain sports academy located in Whitefish, Montana. RIDGE is designed for male and female student athletes who are enrolled in high school and are interested in strengthening their training, forging new skills, and discovering their passions.

The RIDGE High School Academy blends the best aspects of:

  • A ski academy
  • A traditional sports academy 
  • A backcountry mountain school with outdoor industry certifications
  • An outdoor education program
  • A traditional boarding school 

The RIDGE High School Academy is:

Academics- RIDGE creates individualized academic programs for each student athlete. Our Academic Coordinator works with your sending school to determine course loads and to keep you on track for graduation during your semester off campus. At RIDGE Academics include:

  • High school courses 
  • SAT/ ACT preparation 
  • College counseling
  • RIDGE Ed courses
  • High school graduation

Mountain Sports- RIDGE Academy is for beginner through elite student athletes who are looking to expand their mountain sports skill sets while continuing their high school studies.  RIDGE student athletes can focus their training on a specific sport, or gain experience in a variety of disciplines. RIDGE Academy mountain sports include:

  • Backcountry skiing, snowboarding, ice climbing, and free skiing in the winter
  • Mountain biking, trail running, rock climbing, and yoga in the fall

Life Skills- RIDGE Academy student athletes live in Whitefish, MT- an iconic mountain town nestled in the Rocky Mountains. Academy students develop life skills as they learn to balance training, responsibilities, and academics. Direct support from RIDGE coaches, RIDGE Academy students have resources and guidance throughout their day.

Coaching- RIDGE Academy student athletes benefit from working with RIDGE mountain sport coaches all semester long. Our coaches are experts in their fields and they develop programs which give student athletes a route towards success. 

Health and Nutrition- RIDGE Academy student athletes receive 1-on-1 health assessments and coaching from RIDGE staff health coaches. RIDGe works with each student athlete to develop health and fitness programs which support their goals and supplement other areas of training.   

Partnerships - RIDGE has select partnerships with leaders in the Mountain Sports Industry, allowing Student Athletes to train on cutting edge equipment. These partnerships also help RIDGE Student Athletes learn what it takes to be a pro athlete or pursue a career in the Mountain Sports Industry.

A fusion of mountain sports, education, and life skills, the semester program prepares student athletes of all abilities—beginner to elite—to develop balance, purpose, and their true potential.