What is a Gap Year?

Also known as “pathways,” “prep-years,” “bridge-years,” and “post-graduate years,” “gap time” refers to a year or semester that students take off between high school and college. It is defined by the American Gap Association as “a structured period of time when students take a break from their formal education to increase self-awareness, learn from different cultures, and/or experiment with possible careers.”

Prepare for what comes next

Studies show that young adults who take a gap year bring more to their college experiences - and may get more from college in the long run. Quite often, they end up reinventing themselves and discovering where their true interests and talents lie. The result? Gap year students develop a more mature and focused outlook regarding their education and their futures.

Rock climbing gap year

RIDGE - The Ultimate Gap Year Experience

RIDGE is a structured, campus-based gap year experience that revolves around mountain sports. Through skiing and snowboarding, climbing and biking, men and women learn to live and train as student athletes while discovering their true potential.

Geared for elite athletes as well as those just starting out in mountain sports, RIDGE combines tailored coaching and physical training with education and life skills. Exciting and challenging, it can help you prepare for what comes next - regardless of what your “next” might be.

gap year in Montana