Elite Athlete Training

Take your training to the next level with pro coaching 

RIDGE Elite Athlete training semesters designed for male and female student athletes who are interested in taking their mountain sports performance to the next level and developing top level training plans with RIDGE's coaches. RIDGE Elite Athlete training semesters are based on our campus in Whitefish, Montana. The RIDGE training semesters are for student athletes who are interested in strengthening their training, reaching new training goals, and seeing how far they can push themselves in mountain sports and academics.  

RIDGE Elite Athlete training semesters are for student athletes looking to:

  • Focus on training 
  • Receive elite level coaching
  • Gain outdoor industry certifications
  • Immerse in Mountain sports culture
  • Receive personalized health and nutrition coaching
  • Stay on-track academically 
  • Gain exposure within the mountain sports industry
  • Find balance between training and academics

RIDGE Elite Athlete training semesters are:

Mountain Sports- RIDGE Elite Athlete training semesters are for elite athletes who have established experience in mountain sports and who are looking for focused coaching in specific mountain sports. RIDGE Elite Athletes can choose to focus their training on:

  • Winter: free skiing, snowboarding, backcountry touring, or skimo racing
  • Fall: Mountain biking, trail running, rock climbing, or alpine climbing 

Health and Wellness- RIDGE Off Campus Semester student athletes receive one on one health assessments and coaching from RIDGE health coaches. RIDGE works with each student athlete to develop health and fitness programs that support their goals and supplement other areas of training. 

Life Skills- RIDGE student athletes live in Whitefish, MT- an iconic mountain town nestled in the Rocky Mountains. Student athletes develop life skills. They learn to balance training, responsibilities, and academics. Direct support from RIDGE coaches gives RIDGE Gap Year students the resources and guidance they need to develop skills for success in the future.

Student athletes live in Whitefish, MT- an iconic mountain town nestled in the Rocky Mountains. Gap students develop life skills as they learn to balance training, responsibilities, and academics. Direct support from RIDGE coaches, gives RIDGE Off Campus Semester students the resources and guidance they need to develop skills for success in the future.

Coaching- RIDGE Off Campus Semester student athletes benefit from working with RIDGE mountain sport coaches throughout the semester. RIDGE coaches are experts in their fields. They develop programs that give student athletes a route towards success. 

Academics- RIDGE Off Campus Semester student athletes don't have to put their academics on hold! Most Off Campus Semester student athletes choose to earn 3 college credits through RIDGE Ed and many enroll in other college courses through RIDGE's academic partners. RIDGE academic advisors do a thorough assessment of each Off Campus Semester student athlete's academic histories and future goals to devise individual academic plans. RIDGE Off Campus Semester academics include:

  • RIDGE Ed courses
  • Outdoor Industry Internships
  • Focus on continued college coursework 
  • College counseling
  • High school courses