What is RIDGE?

RIDGE Mountain Academy is a campus-based gap year enrichment program that revolves around mountain sports. Located in Whitefish, Montana, RIDGE is designed for male and female student athletes ages 16 to 22 who wish to strengthen their training, forge new skills and discover their passions.

A fusion of mountain sports, education, and life skills, the semester-long programs prepare student athletes of all abilitiesbeginner to eliteto develop balance, purpose and their true potential.

Experience A Fusion of Sport, Education and Life Skills during a Gap Year with RIDGE
Mountain sports gap year


RIDGE Mountain Academy is dedicated to helping student athletes cultivate and strengthen their passion, focus and happiness in life. We achieve this by providing tailored coaching in mountain sports and goal-oriented physical training, as well as opportunities for the student athlete to develop - mentally, physically, academically and socially.

Mountain bikeing gap year


RIDGE Mountain Academy believes that a student athlete can benefit tremendously - physically, mentally, and emotionally - from working their bodies on a consistent basis, learning new skills in unfamiliar settings, and staying involved in their community. Through self-exploration and opportunity, they can realize their ability to achieve their true potential.

By creating a framework for making health and fitness a part of daily life, RIDGE helps student athletes to develop the mind-body connection, learn the importance of being present and live each moment to the fullest.

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Guiding Principles

At RIDGE we emphasize:

● Joy & Passion

● Being Present

● Intention & Focus

● Energy & Balance

● Individuality & Teamwork