Academic Support and Services 

Whether you are starting college or still need to complete high school, RIDGE is prepared to help you achieve your goal. RIDGE advisors will work with you to create an individualized plan, specifically designed to help you meet your academic needs. RIDGE will develop a flexible program to ensure that you can train, perform, and compete without compromising your education. Your weekly schedule will include dedicated time for you to study, attend classes, and get the support you need to advance your educational pursuits. Working with your adviser, you will determine what you want to achieve, then identify the resources you need to move forward.  

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High School Students attending RIDGE

RIDGE Mountain Academy accepts juniors and seniors wanting to experience a semester in the mountains. High School students needing to supplement the RIDGE curriculum with additional course work to stay on track with graduation requirements from their sending school need to meet with our Academic Coordinator. RIDGE will work with your school counselor to create an academic plan for you. This may include online coursework and supplemental tutoring while at RIDGE.

Individualized Online Academics

The core RIDGE Education program is demanding, however RIDGE recognizes sometimes Student Athletes need to round out their semester with additional online course work.  This includes additional college level course work or credit recovery for High School fruition. Feel free to contact RIDGE to discuss additional academics.  

Tutoring Services

At RIDGE there are multiple scheduled study sessions throughout the week.  Classroom space and academic coaching are available to all student athletes free of charge.  High School students or students working on individual academic course work requiring specialized one on one help can arrange for additional private tutoring, fees apply.

College Counseling and SAT/ACT Prep

Additional academic resources like college counseling and SAT/ACT test prep can be arranged through our partnership with The Whitefish Study Center, fees apply.

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