RIDGE Coaching

At RIDGE Mountain Academy, your coach will do more than help you to develop, train, and/or compete in your specific sport. He or she will serve as a complete mentor, helping you to prepare for all aspects of your life - whether you plan to pursue a career as a professional athlete or simply want to learn how to balance your sport with school, work, and life.

What We Do

Key aspects that set RIDGE coaching apart include:

  • Premium level coaching
  • Life skill mentoring
  • Integrated nutrition
  • Sport/life balance
  • Incorporating sport with other creative interests

How We Do It

You and your coach will monitor your performance and growth using a variety of different metrics. At the beginning of the semester, we will perform an initial evaluation to determine your:

  • VO2 max

  • Heart rate

  • Muscle strength  

  • Flexibility      

  • Video and movement analysis

Video and Movement Analysis

Video and movement analysis can help you see where your body positions are during the course of a movement pattern. For instance, video footage of you skiing can help you visualize what you need to do in order to become more efficient in your movements, which can ultimately increase your strength and fluidity as an athlete. You will learn and practice this with your RIDGE coach and team members.

Throughout the program, you will regularly reevaluate and reassess your progress. These personalized assessments will be of significant value to you throughout your athletic career.