RIDGE Coach's Corner

Yoga for Mountain Athletes with RIDGE Coach Cat Jenks

Yoga plays a central roll in RIDGE's mountain athlete training programs. We utilize weekly yoga sessions with our in-house yoga coach Cat Jenks to help prevent injury by developing flexibility, increasing body awareness, and promoting restoration and recovery. During the fall and winter semesters, as we ramp up our mountain sports training, our yoga sessions focus on restoration and  recovery.

Here's a 10 minute 'Yoga for Mountain Athletes' session that you can try during your own training periods, on a rest day, or even in an airport while you're traveling.

How do You Prepare for winter? Part II

RIDGE Coaches constantly think about mountain sports- it's in their blood. As we edge closer to the winter we've all got snow on our minds. In this two part series titled: 'How Do You Prepare For Winter?', two RIDGE coaches share their thoughts about how to best prepare for winter.

In Part II of 'How Do You Prepare For Winter?', RIDGE Coach Cat Jenks discusses her approach to preparing for ski season...

How do you prepare for winter? Part I

As mountain athletes we’re perpetually living in the moment. Our sports require us to be tuned-in and present. If we lose focus, we’ll miss the grab, peel off the rock, eat it on the trail, or biff the landing. For many of us, the act of reliving moments of extreme concentration is what it is all about.