Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is rooted in mountain culture- making Whitefish, MT an ideal base for RIDGE's Mountain Bike Gap Year and semester training. From fast Cross Country laps to full-throttle downhill runs, your mountain biking Gap Year or Semester Away from Campus with RIDGE will be filled with adrenaline pumping rides on remote trails in Montana.

Mountain Biking in the Rocky Mountains with RIDGE:

Downhill Mountain Biking- During a gap year at RIDGE, mountain bike steep, rough terrain with jumps, rock gardens and other obstacles. Ride for fun and/ or to compete. Learn to choose lines by combining shortest possible routes while maintaining flow and speed.

Enduro / All Mountain- This mountain bike racing has uphill and cross-country sections, and a greater proportion of timed downhill sections. Hone your technical bike handling skills, endurance and riding on the ski hill and local trails.

Cross-Country- Singletrack, forest roads, and fire roads offer ups and downs and Whitefish has some thrilling cross-country riding. It's a great cardio workout for student athletes who wants to ride for fun and/or compete.

Here's how we integrate mountain biking into RIDGE campus based programs

Mountain Biking Gap Year Programs at RIDGE: RIDGE coaches create student athlete- specific mountain biking training programs, so you can get the most out of your Gap Year in Montana. During the biking season you'll train on world class single track and learn to maintain your equipment from RIDGE coaches. You'll also work with RIDGE health coaches, have the opportunity for an internship in the outdoor industry, and the option of earning college credit. 

Mountain Bike Training for Elite Athletes: You'll work with RIDGE coaches all semester to take your riding to the next level. Want to ramp up your training to race XC, Enduro, or Downhill? Ready to ride harder and see where your bike can take you? RIDGE Academy will build an individualized program to help you meet your goals! 

RIDGE High School Mountain Biking Academy: When you take a semester off to mountain bike with RIDGE, you'll be able to train in the morning, and attend classes in the afternoon. You'll train like a mountain athlete without compromising your graduation date. Stay on track with your academics while training with RIDGE!