RIDGE Culture

RIDGE Mountain Academy utilizes relationships to inspire and guide.  We base our relationships on respect - respect for ourselves and others, respect for the program, and respect for personal choice. We believe that through our curriculum, student athletes learn how to make healthy choices that create balance, focus and happiness in their lives.

By cultivating strong relationships and serving as positive role models,  we can help them develop personal awareness and vital life skills that include:

  • Better decision making
  • Personal accountability
  • Accurate recognition of their mental and physical edge
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Through the relationships they create with their coaches and peers - not to mention themselves - we challenge our student athletes to make choices, understand why they are making those choices and evaluate the outcome.

The challenges that students encounter during their semester at RIDGE manifest mentally, emotionally and physically.  We encourage each student to create personal goals and objectives and to continually evaluate the accuracy of those goals and objectives. Our coaches support the student athletes throughout the process by fostering a non-judgmental environment where mutual challenge and respect come first.     

While RIDGE is not designed to be a therapeutic treatment facility, should any of our student athletes require additional emotional and/or psychological support, we can call upon the assistance of excellent providers of these services in the Whitefish community.

RIDGE is a substance free environment. We have a zero tolerance policy on drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.