RIDGE Crew at the 'Jack 'n' Jill' Skimo Race'

The RIDGE crew traveled to Choteau, MT. to compete in the 2016 Jack 'n' Jill Skimo race at Teton Pass Ski Resort.

'Skimo' or 'Randonee' racing has a rich history in Europe, and is gaining popularity here in the United States. Racers use specialized ski equipment to ascend and descend a predetermined route as fast as possible. 

Teton Pass Ski Resort is a 400 acre ski area with 2 lifts- a stark contrast to our home at Whitefish Mountain Resort! Teton Pass is known for providing excellent access to quality backcountry skiing. Mt Lockhart looms above the resort's highest lift at 8,600 ft.:

For this year's crop of student athlete's, the Jack 'n' Jill race presented a unique opportunity to showcase their fitness and newly developed ski touring skills- even the spliboarders got in on the action! 

The RIDGE crew had an excellent showing. All 9 student athletes entered the race in categories ranging from the REC course with a single 2,300 ft climb to the pro course with more than 5,000 ft of climbing across 3 different assents. RIDGE student athletes won every division they entered... 

Here's a link to the RESULTS.

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The RIDGE crew prepared for hte race with training throughout the semester and pre-race meetings with RIDGE Coaches Billy O'Donnell and Pro Skimo Racer and RIDGE coach Ben Parsons:

The RIDGE crew at the race: