Technical Adventure Equipment 

RIDGE Mountain Academy is excited to partner with CAMP, an authentic mountain brand that manufactures authentic mountain products. 

In 2014, CAMP-USA will celebrate a benchmark 125 years, a century and a quarter of innovation that begins with the origins of modern mountaineering and ends with CAMP’s global reputation for producing the lightest piece of gear in nearly every category. And though CAMP remains rooted in the place in which it was conceived, it is a company where forward-thinking commands the utmost respect. So it is with each passing of the torch from generation to generation; a ritual that creates a sense of loyalty, dedication and commitment that harkens back to a simpler time when integrity and vision were held in greater esteem than fashion and hype.

Climbers around the world often ask about our name. In short, C.A.M.P. stands for history, innovation, quality and absolute dedication to the mountain lifestyle.

Learn more by visiting the CAMP-USA website or visit their blog Go Light Go Fast