Winter-Spring Semester 

Ready to elevate your skiing? Snowboard in the backcountry? Learn mountain skills to carry with you through college and beyond?

The Winter-Spring Semester at RIDGE Mountain Academy is about skiing and snowboarding everyday while balancing all aspects of life. RIDGE trains beginner to elite student athletes to perform at their best in mountain sports while attending classes and building life skills. 

The Winter-Spring Semester at RIDGE aims to combine the best aspects of a traditional ski academy, a snowboard academy, and an athletic GAP year program into one single semester.

Mountain Sports Training

Individualized sports training plans are offered within a supportive team environment. Skiers, snowboarders, backcountry enthusiasts, and skimo racers work with RIDGE coaches to expand their athletic, academic, and life skills during the Winter.

RIDGE is not a traditional ski academy. We take skiing and snowboarding in a progressive direction by coaching freeriding, backcountry touring, all-mountain skiing, and skimo racing. In one semester at RIDGE, student athletes gain the skills, certifications, and experience that most big mountain skiers take years to develop.

In the spring the focus shifts to Rock Climbing and Mountain Biking. 

RIDGE Education

Winter-Spring Semester students will participate in the RIDGE Core Curriculum. Students have the option to earn up to 9 college credits from the University of Montana for RIDGE's Core Curriculum. 

Service Learning & Internships

Student athletes will have the opportunity to gain industry experience during service learning days, with RIDGE partners, and through the RIDGE internship program.

Capstone Expedition

The Winter-Spring Semester culminates with a well-earned, Backcountry Hut Trip followed up with a trip to Moab, Utah to explore the world class Mountain Bike and Rock Climb terrain.