Nordic Skiing

Nordic and cross-country skiing are fantastic ways to condition your body, build endurance, and travel efficiently during winter gap year semesters at RIDGE. Whether you choose to compete, or you use nordic skiing to cross-train, RIDGE offers coaching in both skate and classic skiing. 

Whether you're looking to dedicate your gap year to nordic skiing, you're looking for a ski academy alternative to traditional high school, a semester away from college, or you're an elite athlete looking for advanced nordic ski coaching- RIDGE Mountain Academy has a program to help you meet your goals.

Nordic skiing looks a little different in the Rocky Mountains:


Classic Nordic skiing: Classic nordic ski coaching at RIDGE Academy is focused on developing proper kick and polling technique, maximizing glide, and skiing efficiently. The coaches at the RIDGE ski academy are ready to help you go further and faster this winter. RIDGE coaches will help you fine-tune your technique so that you're kicking and gliding with power and skill. 

Skate Skiing: At RIDGE Academy skate skiing is all about technique, efficiency, and maximizing power. From developing a student athlete's V1 and V2 poling technique to fine tuning energy output and efficiency with heart-rate monitors, RIDGE ski coaches develop individualized training plans that cater to each student athlete. 

We Do Not Learn by Standing Still

Here's how we integrate nordic skiing into RIDGE campus based programs:

Nordic Skiing Gap Year programs at RIDGE: RIDGE ski coaches create skier- specific training programs, so you can get the most out of your Gap Year in Montana. You'll ski 6-7 days per week and cross train with RIDGE coaches and other student athletes.

Nordic Ski Training for Elite Athletes: You'll work with nordic ski coaches all season to take your skiing to the next level. Want to compete in nordic events, improve your training, or prepare for a career on the snow? RIDGE Academy can build an individualized program to help you meet your goals!

RIDGE High School Nordic Ski Academy: When you take a semester off to ski with RIDGE, you'll be able to train in the morning, and attend classes in the afternoon without compromising your graduation date. Stay on track while training with RIDGE this winter!