Jared was born in Bakersfield, California and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. At 16 he realized he needed to trade the pavement, city life, and his later teenage years for mountains, dirt, snow, change, and growth. Jared immediately embarked on a semester-long wilderness course and completely fell in love with the Big Sky Country where he learned how to survive in the wilderness.
When the snow falls Jared finds it, hikes it, and shreds it. In the warmer months Jared ditches his car keys for pedals, biking everywhere he goes. A competitive mountain biker for four years, he races at the Cat 1 Pro Level and has worked as a technical skills mountain bike coach for various ages and ability levels.

In Whitefish Jared volunteers his time working with high school aged students helping them to navigate difficult high school years and beyond. He values his relationships and likes to help others get equipped and stoked to enjoy the outdoors. He truly believes that fresh air and adrenaline can cure anything.

With 10 years of experience as a snowboard and mountain bike sales representative, Jared has found his calling working for RIDGE where he bridges his knowledge of equipment, his love for the outdoors, and his passion for working with youth.

Spare time doesn't exist in Jared's life. He brings his wife, Lindley, and boxer, Nollie, on all of his adventures. Lindley vouches that when facing some of the most difficult and physically exhausting situations it is "Jared's encouragement and overwhelmingly optimistic personality" that gets her through every time.