Ben Parsons

Ambassador - Skimo / Mtn Bike

Ben Parsons, 36, of Kalispell was a coach and mentor to RIDGE student athletes, he was an incredible family man and friend. He was killed January 5, 2017 in an avalanche while backcountry skiing on Stanton Mountain in Glacier National Park.

He leaves behind his wife Jennifer, one-year-old son Rowen, parents Larry and Valerie Parsons, sister Josie Parsons, and countless family and friends who loved him. 

Ben's infectious enthusiasm for life inspired us in so many ways. His light shone brightly as a father and a husband. He was a true friend who was always loving and accepting of the people around him. A Whitefish firefighter and paramedic, he was an elite athlete known as one of the best ski mountaineers and mountain bikers in the West, his pursuits taking him to Europe.

Please help us give back to the family of our true friend and glowing member of our community by contributing to this fund for Jen and Rowen.

We love you so much, Ben. You will forever make our lives brighter.

Ben Parsons Biography from 2015:
Ben is a born and bred Montanan, and can be found most days either pedaling his bike or breaking trail to the countless summits offered in his back yard.  After graduating from Montana State University in Science Education/Geology, he found his way back to the Flathead and began his career as a 7th Grade teacher.  After two impressionable years, he decided to go back to school and recreate his career and emerged as a W-EMT/ Paramedic.  He now works as a full time professional Firefighter/Paramedic for the City of Whitefish which affords him ample time to pursue his ambitions which mainly take him thousands of feet above the valley floor or even to Europe for competitions in Skimo and mountain bike racing. 

Ben delves in all things mountain, and has a deep love for sharing his passions and enabling others to push their boundaries and cultivate adventure.  Ben is known around the valley as the guy who races his bike for 100 miles in a day, only to put on his running shoes to bang out three peaks in one day in Glacier.  In the winter he is the guy in the green pants “running” up the ski hill smashing intervals in hopes to one day beat the chairlift to the top.  Ben has been racing Skimo at the national level competitively for over 8 years and has been a member of the USSMA National Team where he competed in Andorra and France with the world’s best. 

Ben is stoked to cultivate passion for challenging gravity (and working with it back down) among potential Student Athlete’s be it on snow or dirt.   His enthusiasm is contagious and is bound to make suffering pleasurable in a twisted sort of way.

Ben’s blog is

Ben’s blog is

  • Graduate of Montana State University in Science Education/Geology
  • W-EMT/ Paramedic
  • Member of the USSMA National Team 
  • Click here to see Ben's race results