Ben Parsons Skimo Race Results

 Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg


  • 1st- Targhee Pass Randonnee Race
  • 1st- Bridger Bowl Skin 2 Win
  • 2nd- Whitefish Whiteout
  • 3rd- ROAM Randonnee Rally- Nelson, B.C.
  • 4th- Canadian SkiMo National Championships @ Kicking Horse
  • 5th- Castle Mountain SkiMo Race (Canada)


  • 1st- Whitefish Whiteout
  • 3rd- ROAM Randonee Rally
  • 5th- GoreTex North American Continental Championships (Golden, B.C.)


  • 3rd- Whitefish Whiteout
  • 10th- Jackson Hole U.S. SkiMo Nationals
  • 3rd- Grand Targhee Randonnee Rally


  • 1st- Tiki Torch Dash (teams race with Brandon French)
  • 1st- Sunshine 5000 SkiMo Race
  • 2nd- Whitefish Whiteout
  • 3rd- ROAM Randonnee Rally
  • 3rd- Bridger Bowl Skin 2 Win
  • 4th- Grand Targhee SkiMo Race
  • 5th- Heathen Challenge (Colorado)
  • *Selected/qualified for USSMA National Team- competed at

SkiMo World Championships in Andorra, Spain. 

  • Finished top N.A. team in 23rd with Brandon French
  • Finished 24th in Pierra Menta SkiMo Stage Race in Areches, France


  • 1st OR Vertfest Alpental, WA
  • 1st OR Vertfest Crystal Mtn WA
  • 1st- Wasatch Powder Keg
  • 1st- Sunshine 5000 SkiMo Race, Alberta
  • 2nd- Whitefish Whiteout
  • 2nd- Grand Targhee Teams Race with Brandon French
  • 3rd- Bridger Bowl Skin 2 Win
  • 3rd- Nelson Coldsmoke ROAM Randonnee Rally
  • 5th- USSMA SkiMo National Championships- Jackson Hole, WY